Monday, September 1, 2008

It's Not Always Rainbows and Butterflies

My kids and I love the band Maroon 5. They had it blaring in the living room yesterday on Maggie's American Idol karaoke machine and I could hear them singing loudly as they played and danced. I have heard the song countless times but for some reason the following lyrics jumped out at me yesterday:

"It's not always rainbows and butterflies/It's compromising moves us along"

While I don't think life is always rainbows and butterflies, I do like to look on the brighter side. I love the second line about compromise. Compromise can be the key to living a bolder, brighter life whether at home or at work. I like to be in control in most situations and I have had to learn to be better at giving way, at making concessions and compromising. Doing so makes life brighter and easier.

Example of compromise at home: Not fighting with my daughter over hair and clothes. I let her choose what she wants to wear (she is 6 and her choices can be very interesting). She will reach a stage when her hair is important to her and looking neat has value. I can wait.

Example of compromise at work: Not making decisions alone. I don't always know best just because I own the business. I have worked hard to put the right players on the bus (if you own a business and haven't read From Good to Great, buy it today!) and I have had to learn to listen to my staff's opinions and ideas. They are usually good ones!

None of us lives in a vacuum. Only through our awareness of others and our willingness to compromise and be a part of the process can be we be truly successful and move towards a brighter, bolder life. Watch Maroon 5 on You Tube and be inspired to compromise and know that you are beautiful, too!