Friday, August 8, 2008

Inspiration from Women of Wisdom

I went to the EWomen Network conference last month and spent four days living a brighter, bolder life. It was an outstanding experience for any woman who owns her own business, is considering starting a business or any woman just wanting to meet lots of really, amazing women from all over the country doing a million different things. I don't think I met anyone who only did 1 something, we all wear so many different hats. I love all of the different things that I do and having variety in my life gives me great pleasure, joy and satisfaction. EWomen Network is a phenomenal networking organization for women. Click here for more details.

At the conference, there was a table of books for sale and I picked up Women of Wisdom: Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women. It had a beautiful cover and appealing title but I didn't look past the cover at that moment. Over the past week, I have read the series of essays, songs and poems by women who have participated in the Women of Wisdom conference in Seattle. Sounds like an amazing experience. Click here for more information about this phenomenal organization and their conference.

One of the essays by Riane Eisler, sparked a moment of intense hope and joy. Over the years, I have struggled to define what "spirituality" means to me. I believe in a great spirit and in the connectedness of all things, I believe that God resides in all of us. In her essay, Eisler says that "spirituality is putting love into action." (p. 200) I love this definition. I believe that we all carry God's grace and love into the world and that it is our connection to each other that will ultimately save us. She goes on to say that "We (women) must reclaim our heritage as spiritual leaders. This is our great challenge and opportunity: to join with one another and with enlightened men to build the foundations for a more equitable, peaceful, and joyful world."

What a powerful vision, I thought as I read this. How do I put this into action in my every day life? I realize that I can work towards a more peaceful, equitable, and joyful world in my own home, in my relationships with my spouse and children. I can make this vision a reality in my company, where we strive to put family first while building a profitable company. I cannot create peace unless I am at peace, unless I am doing all of things that keep me happy, calm, faithful and involved. If I can hold a vision for peace, for compassion and love then hopefully that vision will spread organically from me to all the other's whose lives I touch.

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