Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Living a Brighter Life in Nova Scotia

There are some things in life that definitely get better with age, like my appreciation for small details. There are others that I knew as a child and forgot along the path only to rediscover as an adult, like the joy of sand between my toes and the wind in my hair. We are vacationing on the coast of Nova Scotia in our family cottages (some things that come with marriage are a tremendous bonus and this was one of mine.) I am practicing living a brighter life this holiday. My children are running free and wild and I laugh hearing them laugh. They enjoy a freedom here that they cannot in Dallas. I let two little girls bury me in the sand a few days ago. Today we walked miles along an old coast road through sun, rain, fog, sun, sand, rocks and laughter. We saw an otter and two bald eagles, a few seals and lots of ducks and shore birds. Living in the haze and pollution of Dallas, I realize that I don't get outside enough. I don't laugh enough, I don't relax enough and just be silly with my kids for the sake of being silly! My lesson this holiday is to spend more time laughing and be silly, letting kids climb all over me and bury me in the sand. They seem to think this is hysterical. We are painting rocks, climbing rocks, making rock gardens and instruments with rocks. I didn't know rocks could be so entertaining! My life is very bright this week!

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